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Madona beer is made in Bodnieki, Madona county of Latvia – a place that has been known to locals since 1916 as a place where beer is brewed. Madona beer is popular all over Latvia and is available as draft beer in restaurants, bottled in shops, as well as in barrels, which can be rented for your celebration.

Owner of the brewery


Rolands, the owner of the Madona beer brewery, has been cultivating the beer recipe for years to bring the old brewery to life with new breath and modern taste. Rolands, whom Madona beer lovers friendly call Roli, has returned to Latvia after his residence in Australia to contribute to the family of small breweries in Latvia.

Madonas alus brewery in

Madonas alus is a small brewery, and the brewery in Bodnieki brings light, dark and honey beer, or braggot, the latter of which is only available on site at Madonas Alus Restaurant.

Madonas Alus


You can get a 15 l barrel filled with freshly brewed, chilled beer directly from Madonas alus brewery in Bodnieki for 45 euros and in the Beer Market stores for 50 euros. We will also take a security deposit of 100 euros, which we will return when you bring the barrel back.