Madonas Alus brewery


A garden of green herbs and shrubs thrives in the territory of Madonas alus brewery in Bodnieki. With each year more colorful, the garden is a bright addition to the bouquet of flavors and aromas in Madonas alus brewery and the terrace of the BBQ Georgian restaurant. In addition, different varieties of hops are cultivated in the garden. While the garden boasts various greens and herbs, visitors will be soon delighted with the Japanese garden as well. 

The garden of Madonas alus brewery is especially bright in spring, thanks to about 6,000 different varieties of tulips blooming in the area. It is definitely worth visiting Madonas alus brewery right during the tulip bloom!



Justin moved from the United States to Madona 3 years ago after serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Justin now calls Latvia home not only because his family – his wife Vineta and 2 children – are Latvians, but also because of the garden of the Madonas alus brewery.
Justin was fascinated with gardening and landscaping before in the United States. Even during the war in Iraq, the then soldier found peace while restoring and rehabilitating ruined gardens and nurseries, thus helping the locals to get their jobs back.

Now the gardener’s hobby has also become his occupation, in addition to another hobby – writing survival and fantasy books.

Public grill

Right in the Madonas alus Garden, next to the Camper Park, near the Beer Brewery, your company has an opportunity to use a grill to maintain your grilling skills. No need to think of where to get beer – you will get fresh draft Madonas alus beer right from the brewery, available here, on site.

Book the grill using the form below, and remember – if you feel lazy, Madonas Alus restaurant BBQ Terrace is located nearby.

Welcome to use the grill for free.

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Public grill

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